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Layout Width

Fixed is most common in website. You may choose 'Flexible', then your layout will be resized to browser width.

  • included Fixed
  • +$29 Flexible
Horizontal Alignment

Specify the horizontal alignment of your design.

  • Left Aligned
  • Center Aligned
  • Right Aligned
100% Header/Footer Width

If you want your header and/or footer to fill the browser width, then select "Yes"

  • included No
  • +$9 Yes
Footer Fixed At Bottom

If you want your footer area to be fixed at bottom, even with less content, then choose "Yes"

  • included No
  • +$9 Yes

Specify Advanced Markup Options

Compatibility & Accessibility Options


Please note that, If you want to use rollovers for links and menu elements, you need to maintain a separate layer in your PSD with rollover effects.

  • included No
  • +$4 Yes
Dropdown Menus

Select number of navigation levels (dropdown menus) in your design.

  • included No
  • +$5 One-Level Drop-Down Menu
  • +$10 Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu
Font Replacement

We use cufon or Typeface as Font Replacement Technique. Please note that you have to include all necessary font files that are used in your design. If you still want to use sIFR, please specify it.

  • included No
  • +$15 Yes
DTD Options

You can choose any of below three Document Type Definition.

  • same price HTML 4.01
  • included XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • +$10 XHTML 1.0 Strict
Commented CSS

All html codes are commented by default and at no extra cost. If you want a fully commented css code, then please select this option.

  • included No
  • +$5 Yes
Load Speed Optimization

If selected, We will give attention to page load speed and try to increase it.

  • included No
  • +$15 Yes
Implement SSI Templates

Using SSI will help you to maintain code easily. The html code of common parts, such as header/footer, will be divided in to separate files and will be included to main page using SSI. Please note that this is available only on Linux/Apache Server

  • included No
  • +$5 Yes
JavaScript Framework

If you want us to use a javascript framework, then we will use jQuery. If you have any other preferences, please let us know, we will get back to you with details.

  • None
  • jQuery

Specify Software Implementation

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Theme Type

At present, we are implement your design as wordpress only. Choose "wordpress" if you want to use wordpress as blog/cms for your site.

  • included Regular Markup
  • +$180 Wordpress

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